The Laptop Lifestyle

We live in amazing times. Just think the Internet didn’t really exist for most people .. ordinary mortals like us.. a little more than 30 years ago ! 

We are now in this wonderful window in our history where, if you have an idea,  …you can quickly upload it,… in many formats to multiple platforms and monetise it on the Web .. to many hundreds of thousands … even millions of people instantly … and create the facility and means for them to Buy your idea in digital form.

Bangkok floating markets

Bangkok floating markets

You can be working from anywhere in the world !
Here I am in Bangkok Thailand – click the pix

When you think about that it is just staggering…!
If you are still struggling trying to grab your slice of the Internet commerce pie.. then I suggest you start with Affiliate Marketing.

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Wishing you every success with your Online ventures.

Philip JL