The Gorilla has escaped – Commission Gorilla V2

Heads up affiliates, marketers and small business owners.
Since Commission Gorilla launched Super affiliates are freaking out. 

The big JV partners are running scared!


Because this clever software system levels the playing field between you and the biggest super affiliates in your niche. 

Let me explain…
Super affiliates know the key to getting up to five times more sales is to add value by offering a bonus and a review. Most affiliates don’t do that because it’s too much work. Now Commission Gorilla makes it drag and drop easy to create sexy promo pages faster than ever!You don’t need design skills. You don’t need to hire an expensive designer. You don’t even need your own website!


Just use Commission Gorilla, which makes creating bonus pages and delivery pages a breeze!

Check out the super-cool demos here: 

You’ll see all sorts of cool features, including:

* The bonus library, where you can store your bonuses to make it drag and drop easy to create bonus offer pages.

* The clone feature, which lets you clone pages and bonuses with just a click of your mouse. This is a huge time saver which lets you create new bonus pages in minutes!

* Dashboard stats so you can easily track your high-performing pages!

* Drag and drop page creation, which lets you build web pages without knowing a lick of code!

* Plus countdown timers, attention bars and more. 

Making money has never been so easy with these clever and time-saving features! 

This software is going to change the way you do business and the way you make money. 

Wishing you Mega Success.
Philip J. Lord