Affiliate Marketing and Mental Toughness

Life as a Solopreneur can be tough sometimes…
you constantly need to refuel the motivation tank to stay on track and keep moving forward towards your goals!

I recently read an article in Success Magazine by Amy Morin with these great tips to help you build your Mental Toughness.

I hope they will give you a bit of a boost and help you to keep the brain juices flowing.

The article points out that …”developing mental strength takes a conscious effort, dedication and daily practice.

Start with these 10 exercises to work out your “mental muscles”.

1.Establish goals.

We all know how important this is …but the trick is to set short-term manageable goals which give you a sense of accomplishment when reached.

2. Set yourself up for success.

Modify your environment…it makes it easier to be prepared and easier to resist destructive temptations.

3. Tolerate discomfort for a greater purpose.

Practice tolerating a little discomfort and remind yourself of the bigger picture.. it will generate more confidence.

4. Reframe your negative thoughts.

Work on your inner dialogue and reframe negative thoughts. You will never completely eliminate them all, but with practice you can tame them and manage them, so that they don’t hold you back.

5. Balance your emotions with logic.

Get you emotions and logic in sync. This is when you will make the most productive decisions.

6. Strive to fulfill your purpose.

Without a clear purpose and mission.. you will get distracted, derailed and lost. Focus on clear daily objectives to ensure that you get to where you want to go.

7. Look for explanations, not excuses.

Don’t beat yourself up. You will never get it right all of the time.
Learn from your mistakes and move on. Stay focused.

8. Do one hard thing every day.

Step out side your comfort zone in some small way everyday.
To grow you have to challenge yourself, but keep it manageable so that you don’t give up and become disheartened.

9. Use the 10-minute rule.

When you are tired and ready to quit for the day and contemplating putting something off that you know you should do…and that you know will help you progress towards your goals… just do 10 minutes.

Chunking difficult or laborious tasks down to small daily bite-sized chunks will progress you far quicker, and make you mentally tougher.

All of which will make you more productive and move you closer to achieving your goals.

10. Prove yourself wrong.

Commit to doing something, that you have told yourself you can’t do…within reason of course. Break the task down into small chunks, as above. This will skyrocket your Mental Toughness and your confidence.

Read the full article here: 10 Ways to Build Your Mental Strength

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