Just imagine if you had your own personal Robot at home, which would cook you dinner and clean up your mess !

This would be great ! Right ?

On your way home …on your smart phone app… you could say .. James ..I want coq au vin for dinner at 7pm !

But then what if your Robot was Hacked ?!!

According to Dr Nicholas Patterson …it is very early days for cybersecurity for Robots and potentially a huge problem.

Robotic vacuum cleaners and drones are now becoming very common and more household consumer robotics are much closer than people think.

Professor Toby Walsh, who is a leading AI specialist is warning that we are “sleepwalking” into an AI future in which billions of machines and computers will be able to think.

But then there are both positives and negatives ..

Here is just a few examples of how Walsh believes …the not to distant future, will change how we live, work and operate..

“You are banned from driving”

Humans drive drunk, tired and distracted and cause 95 per cent of accidents.

Street parking and most car parks will disappear, autonomous vehicles will become commonplace — within 15-20 years.

“You see the doctor daily”

“Your personal 24/7 AI doctor will know your gene sequence and vulnerabilities to particular diseases.

It will continually monitor your blood pressure, sugar levels, sleep and exercise. It will process data from your toilet, which will automatically analyse your urine and stools.

Your future version of a smartphone or fitness watch will regularly take selfies to identify melanomas and eye disease. It will record your voice for signs of a cold, dementia or a stroke. 

It will also be a trillion-dollar global business.

“Ghost ships, planes and trains cross the globe”

“The oceans, skies and railroads of the planet will be filled with autonomous ships, planes and trains transporting cargo without any people on board, as driverless car technology spreads to other industries.”

Many other aspects of life as we know it will be affected and will be changed by AI and expert systems.

It is estimated that 70% of exiting jobs will be made redundant and replaced by intelligent machines!

Now whether you are a little worried or excited about some or all aspects of this proposed AI and Robotic Brave New World

…there is one thing for sure

it is happening much quicker than you think and it makes a lot of sense to start planning now and trying to anticipate the changes and how they make effect you and your family.

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Pix by Dr Nicholas Patterson
AI ideas by Professor Toby Walsh via ABC News

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