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1st Prize: $1,000

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2nd Prize: $300

The 2nd largest seller will win $300. (minimum sales: 30)

3rd Prize: $100

The 3rd largest seller will win $100 (minimum sales: 15)

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The 4th largest seller will win $75 (minimum sales: 10)

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The 5th largest seller will win $50 (no minimum sales.)

Living the Laptop Lifestyle  - Loi Hotel Thailand

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Philip J. Lord




Instant access to ...

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Whats Inside the MegaBook

The MegaBook is so easy to use with a clickable table of contents which makes it so newbie friendly and a dream for the experienced affiliate marketer.

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90+ Hot Niches

Instant access to a huge list of Hot and Popular Affiliate Marketing Niches including many that you may never have heard of and remain a closely guarded secret of some of the top 7 and 8 figure marketers..

Over 500 Programs 

Easily scroll through many more than 500 High Paying and High Converting affiliate marketing programs and quickly find many that you like in categories that you are knowledgeable in, passionate about, or just interested in and want to access.

 Sign-up Links

Every program has a sign-up link to the affiliate program so that you can get started asap and start making $$$ - plus a description of the product and program and the commission structure and pay-out

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Luxury Watches


FX Trading


Private Member

Beauty & Fitness

Wearable Hi-tech

Many Many More....

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Its one of the most comprehensive resources that I have come across ! 

I'm an experienced Internet Marketer, but have been completely blown away by the content. No matter what niche you're in, you'll find a high converting program you can promote.  Highly recommended !   

Sandra Stachowicz 
Online Marketing Strategist & Business Coach


The Mega Book is such a massive resource with great programs for making money online. A time saver and the perfect addition to anyone's toolbox - even the very beginner!

Angela Hall                           

This book is the most compact income generator that I have ever seen ! 

I am amazed at the knowledge that has been amassed.

Well-done Philip, a fantastic product well researched an asset to any internet marketer!

Charles Starkey             

The Mega Book is a fantastic resource! It takes all the leg-work out of the dreaded process of looking for a way to make a good income online. Philip J. Lord has done a marvellous job of putting everything all in one place and right in front of you. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced online marketer, you can benefit greatly from this comprehensive book.

It is highly recommended as your go-to and must have reference guide.

Paradee Thomas                            

A gateway to a superb collection of over 500 high paying affiliate programs. The Mega Book is an excellent resource, really well presented with an easy reference system and a great tool to have to help you quickly identify and access a high converting program in any category! 

Barry Luxton                                   

No more spending hours looking for decent affiliate programs, they're all here in one place. There are program details from many niches, with commission rates, descriptions and a link to the relevant site.

There are over 500 programs listed from Sports Nutrition, Surveillance & Spy Gear, right through to Technology, Wearable Tech programs, something for everyone! I was impressed by the amount of information in this book, definitely a must have for any Affiliate Marketer.

Kathy Russell                          

Comprehensive and to the point about what's most important for affiliate marketers.   A – Z high paying and converting affiliate programs which were handed to you on a silver platter. I was really impressed by its content.

Without a doubt highly recommended for everyone who wants to take action to make a real change in life. 

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I know that I could have done with this useful book when I started !

It would have saved hours of going round in circles. It is filled with some great affiliate programs, and not just in the niche of make money online. 

Kerie Hinchliffe line 

This is a very well put together resource tool for any affiliate marketer wanting to make good commissions and passive income!

This is a very well put together resource tool for any affiliate marketer wanting to make good commissions and passive income!

Jonathan Colworthy                                            
Online Marketer 

I have never seen such a fantastic resource for affiliate marketing.

If you want to make money online with affiliate marketing then you need to get this now ! 

Sara Liang-Lawson                             
Internet Marketer   

This is great !

         Saves so much time. Full of high paying programs. - Get it !!

Mark Herrington 
Marketing Consultant                  


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